March 5-9

This week we will have “DEAR” time (Drop everything and read) for 20 minutes the first part of my class, so no reading logs will be sent home this week.

Friday – March 9th – End of the 3rd nine weeks.

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Week of March 12th- 16th    Students return Tuesday, March 20th.   Monday, March 19th is a teacher workday.

January 8-12

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TUESDAY – January 9th –   MATH BENCHMARK –   Students may bring a bottled water, gum or mints, and a healthy snack.

THURSDAY – January 11th – READING BENCHMARK – Students may bring a bottled water, gum or mints, and a healthy snack.

**PLEASE make sure your son/daughter has their glasses if they wear them for the tests.  They also need to eat a good breakfast.   Our lunch is not until 12:35 on both testing days, so that makes for a long morning.

Also, be on the lookout for Report cards this week!!

Reading Fair Winners!!

Congratulations to the following students for winning and also participating in the Reading Fair!!

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Group/family winners:
first-Judy Moody (Samantha Dumas)
second-Charlott’es Web (London Bodovsky)
third-Cricket in Times Square (Addison Hasley)
honorable mention- My Side of the Mountain (Caden Spencer) and Sharks (Hunter Cjakowski)
5th Fiction Individual:
first- Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Jordan Chambers)
second- Red Zone (Keiton Kerns)
5th Non-fiction Individual:
first-Misty Copeland (Nadia Threadgill)
second- Helen Keller (Avery Goodman)
4th fiction Individual:
first place tie: Dork Diaries (Samantha Crum) and Polar Express (Eithan Kaemmerling)
third place: Golden Ball (Morgan Gee)
Honorable Mention: How to be a Lady (Challie) and Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Brayden Smith)
3rd fiction individual:
first: Captain Underpants (Cooper Tucker)
second: Rump (Clifton Early)
third: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Long Haul (Reid Theriot)

November 13-17

Hello Everyone!

Just a couple of things:

Those doing the Reading fair projects:  the due date is November 27th.  That is the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Please make sure your projects are at school.  All students who enter receive an extra credit grade of 100 in Reading.

Tuesday, November 14th – Common Assessment #2.  Students may bring a water bottle, snack, gum or mints.

Please make sure you son/daughter is reading their 20 minutes every night! Very Important!!!

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Students bring binders home on Wednesday’s for you to sign!

Thursday, November 16th – Make arrangement to pick up fundraising items students sold after school.  Office staff will stay late.Image result for fundraiser clip art

Friday, November 17th – Read in!  Students may bring a snack, water, gatorade, or juice, beach towel, and a small pillow.Image result for read in clip art

A couple of Reminders!

Just wanted to share a message with everyone regarding school parties/invitations.

INTERMEDIATE campus has two school parties permitted during the year.  Room mothers and teachers take care of the preparations.  In regard to student birthdays, we would appreciate your understanding and support of our position.  We cannot allow students to bring cookies, candy, etc. and distribute in their classroom.   There are several reasons why this cannot be allowed.  It becomes a competitive situation, which can get out of hand as well as being a disruption to class instruction.   The same rule applies to invitation distribution at school or on school property.  Please do not ask the teachers to make exceptions to this rule.  Since many children can get hurt feelings, or the teacher may be out and a substitute fail to pass out the invitations, and we certainly respect your right to invite whom you choose, please send all invitations through the mail, social media or by telephone.  Our teachers do recognize students’ birthdays, as we certainly understand how important this day is to your child.  Student information lists will be completed by the teacher at the beginning of the year.   Parent permission is required before the student’s information is released.

Image result for report card  Report cards go home today!  Also, their envelopes with the first 9 weeks work.  Please sign and return both tomorrow.   Keep the papers at home.

Image result for early release dayNovember 1st  – Make arrangements – Early Release 12:00 for Intermediate


October 2nd-6th

Hello Everyone!  It’s so hard to believe October is here!  Here are a few things for this week!

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Wednesday, October 4th is an EARLY RELEASE day!  Students will get out at 11:45.  So make arrangements for your kiddos.   

Journey’s story and test this week:  The Power of WOW!  Students are encouraged to take their books home and re-read the story with a parent before the test.  However, this is an open book test.

Continue having your child read their 20 minutes every night, and completing their reading logs also.  

There is no football game this week, along with no pep rally.  

Have a great week everyone!

September 25th-29th

This week we are taking donations to help a school in Beaumont, Texas that lost everything due to the flood a few weeks ago.   If possible, please $1.00.   This will go towards supplies this school needs.  Thank you in advance for your donations!

Wednesday – Students will bring home Winn Dixie Chapters 11-15 vocabulary words to study for a quiz on Thursday.  

Please make sure your son/daughter reads 20 minutes every night.  Reading logs are checked daily.  

Have a great week!