September 12-16

Hello Parents!  

A couple of things for the week for you to know!:

Reading Logs – Students should be reading 20 minutes nightly and having you sign their logs.  Also this week they will be reading a story in their Journey’s textbooks, called “Stormalong”.  They will be having a quiz over this story this week – most likely Wednesday or Thursday.  It will be an open book test.

Also, our White Oak Football Mom’s have been nominated as “Team Mom’s” of the year in the Friday Night Football Magazine, but they need your vote.  Please go to the link below and vote for them!

Thanks and have a great week!

August 29 – September 2

Reading Logs were passed out today!   Students should be reading 20 minutes Monday-Thursday nights and having you sign their logs.   Reading logs are to be turned in on Friday’s.

Pep Rallies:  Please make sure to send a note if you are planning on checking out your son or daughter for the Pep rallies on Friday’s.   If students do not have a note they will not be sent down until ALL students who brought a note have been picked up.

Book Orders:  Students were given a book order form today.  If they wish to order books, their orders need to be in by Friday, September 2nd.  Please do not send cash with their order.  Checks may be payable to Scholastic.

Student Planners:  Parents be sure to check your the planner.  This is our communication tool to you.  Students are to have their planners signed by you on a daily basis.  They earn tickets for this, and also lose tickets if planners are not signed.

Reading News!!

Hello Parents!

Just wanted to let you know that students should be reading to you 20 minutes a night.   They should be able to tell you at least 3 things about what they read.   For example, the main character, the setting, the main event or the problem of the story.    The more they read, the better they will be in Math, Spelling, Writing, etc.   

Next week students will be bringing home a reading log that will be signed by you.   So be looking for that!

Welcome to Fourth Grade!!

Hello new 4th grade students and parents!   I am so excited to meet each of you and get started on our 4th grade year.   It will be filled with lots of great learning and memories!  

Thursday, August 18th is Meet the Teacher and bring your supplies!   I will look forward to seeing each of you there!  Enjoy your last few days of summer, and come ready to learn!

See you soon!

Mrs. McCurdy

April 11th – 15th

Hello Everyone!!  

Here’s a couple of things to know for the week:

Reading Logs – Students were given a “weekly” reading log to complete this week.  They are to read 30 min. each night, and the log must be signed daily.   This reading log is due Friday, and the front and back of it must be completely filled out by the student, except for parent signatures.

Friday-April 15th- Willow Creek Voc. quiz (These vocabulary words were sent home yesterday,(Monday). Students were told to study for this quiz.  It is also written in their planner.  There are 8 words.  Please have them show you their list, and quiz them over these words.   They will also (hopefully), have the End of the book quiz over Willow Creek, that is, if we complete it by Friday.  This is a open book test.  They get to use their novels, their journals with their notes, etc.


SPRING PICTURES are coming home today with your child.  Please decide if you like all or some.  Return payment and pictures you do not wish to keep.

Have a great week!!

March 21st-25th

Thursday – March 24th –   Easter Party at 10:45 – In The Pavilion by car pickup.  If there is bad weather we will be in our class rooms.- ALL students need to send a $1.00 for an ice cream sundae, and a bag of Easter candy for their bunny bags.   Also, students need to bring a water bottle.   Students MAY leave or be signed out with a parent to leave early.  We will be finished by 11:30.   Teachers will have sign out sheets or they can be signed out at the office.

Friday – March 25th – GOOD FRIDAY HOLIDAY!  NO SCHOOL!!

March 14-18

Here are some things to know for the week:

Monday – 14th  Students should have brought home their vocabulary words with the definitions that go with their Journey’s story for the week, “I Could Do That”, Pages 561-570. They listened to the story with cd on Monday, but will also need to read the story again either Tuesday or Wednesday night to a parent.   This week’s story has some difficult words that parents would be a big help with.  We have discussed them in class, but any help you can give is great.   They need to STUDY these voc. words Tuesday and Wednesday nights.


Friday – 18th  READ-IN, Students may bring a drink and a snack for the read in.

Journey’s Voc. Words: 1.  politics-art of government,    2.  intelligent-smart      3.  denied-not allowed to have    4.  approve- agree with      5.   polls- places where people vote    6.  informed-knowing about the world/situation    7.  disorderly-  loud or rude    8.  legislature-  people who make laws    9.  candidates- people who hope to be chosen for something   10.  amendment- a change made to a law.

Spelling City is also available for students to log onto and practice the voc. words to Journey’s, and Willow Creek Voc. Words

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!