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Hello Parents!

  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  I apologize for that!!  Here are some things you need to know!   Students will have a reading passage probably every week.  It is assigned on Monday and due on Thursday’s.   I need your help reinforcing the reading strategies we are doing at school.  They are called the “UNWRAP” strategies.   This is what each letter stands for:

U-Underline the title,      N-number the paragraphs (if needed),        W-walk through the questions,        R-read the story 2x and stop and jot(trigger words),          A-answer the questions,       P-prove your answers(evidence)

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I am trying all kinds of incentives and reinforcement to help students use their strategies!  We play games with the passages, they earn extra tickets for correct answers and showing their strategies, they get extra tickets if a parent signs their homework, etc. However, there are many students who are not doing their homework.  PLEASE, check their planners, because they will have homework!!  I appreciate your help!   Image result for free clipart for homework

Some things coming up:

Field Trip – More information will be coming home in the next week or so!Image result for free clipart for fieldtrip

Valentine’s Day – Valentine Boxes/sacks due Monday, Feb. 13th.   On Tuesday, Feb. 14th, students need to bring their favorite drink.Image result for free clipart for Valentine's DayImage result for free clipart for Valentine's Day

Reading Fair – Step by Step packets were sent home with students who signed up.  Please read all the information in the packet.  Image result for free clipart for reading fair

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