August 31-September 4

This week our Reading story is Because of Winn Dixie.   Students will be bringing home Vocabulary words Tuesday night to study for a vocabulary quiz on Wednesday.   At any time throughout the year your child may bring their Journey’s textbook home to reread their stories.  The vocabulary words are listed below.

Also, tonight each student will be bringing home a reading survey.  Please fill this out with your child and send back to school on Tuesday.   Student’s who return these on Tuesday will receive a ticket.

If you are taking your child to the Pep rally on Friday’s please make sure to send a signed pep rally form, or write a note in the planner so we know they will be going.

Monday, September 7th is Labor Day -School Holiday!!smiley+face-face+smile-free-Smiley+Face.png

Winn Dixie Voc. Words:

comfort, mention, mood, properly, intends, consisted, positive, advanced, peculiar, talent.

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