School is back in session, and we are starting off with a blast!!!
I have a great group of kids that I want to welcome to 4th grade this year. We will be doing many exciting things.

We are starting our novel, A Paradise in Texas. This is about a family that moves from Germany to Texas. Do you have any one in your family from another country? If so, let me know. We are going to be studying about Germany, and learning some of the different language as we are reading!

Also, we are working hard on numeration and place value in math. The students are learning to write numbers in standard form, word form, and expanded form up through the millions place.
We are looking forward to a wonderful year!!

One thought on “BACK TO SCHOOL!

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog today. My grandparents were Cuban, French, and Spanish. Mrs. Pilgrim, Mrs. McCurdy’s mom, is from Austria! Bryson Fleming’s grandmother is from New Zealand. How did we all find White Oak! I’m just glad we did.

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